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Vanilla gelato with a Mixed Berries ripple in a waffle cone made with wholemeal rice flour and buckwheat germ and topped with crunchy cereal cookie bits and cranberries.


Declared weight: 300 g. 

4 cones

Cono Amando Vanilla & Fruit Forest

  • Almond drink (20%)[Water, Sugar, Almond mass (provenance Sicily) 3%] - Water - Waffle with brown rice flour and buckwheat germ (14%)(Sugar, Brown rice flour 24%, Corn starch, Buckwheat germ 10%, Corn flour, Sunflower seed oil, Vegetable bamboo fibre, Soya flour, Emulsifier: soya lecithins, Salt, Caramelized sugar, Natural flavouring) - Glucose syrup - Sugar - Coconut oil - Low fat cocoa coating (5%)(Coconut oil, Sugar, Low fat cocoa 17%, Emulsifier: sunflower lecithins, Natural flavouring) - Dextrose - Cereal and redberries biscuits pieces (1,5%)(Deglutinated oat flakes 27%, Rice flour 16%, Sugar, Corn flour 13%, Coconut oil, Cane sugar, Invert sugar syrup, Redberry 3%, Thickeners: corn starch, pectins, guar gum, Apples, Salt, Concentrated juice apple, Sunflower seed oil, Acidifying: citric acid) - Almond flour de-oiled conventional (provenance Sicily) - Fruits juice from concentrate (0,6%)(Apple, Black elderberry 25%, Raspberry 18%, Redcurrant 12%) - Vegetable fiber from chicory - Cassava starch - Emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids - Natural flavourings - Gelling agent: pectins - Stabilizers: locust bean gum, carrageenan - Elderberry concentrate - Acidifying: citric acid - Ground exausted vanilla beans (0,02%) - Natural vanilla flavouring.

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